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Driven by Passion, Grounded by Experience


Insurance advisors who truly work for you.

Not all insurance agents are created equal. At Teeter Group, we go out of our way to treat our clients like people and we use our industry experience and diversified knowledge base to protect what you value most in business and in life.

Deanna Beal, CISR

Customer Service Agent

Phone: 814-480-0138

Extension 115

Kendra Rock.webp

Kendra Price, CISR

Customer Service Agent

Phone: 814-765-1453

Extension 119

April Ressler.webp

April Ressler, CIC, CRM


Phone: 814-204-0551

Extension 102

Jaclyn Dietze.webp

Jaclyn Dietze, AIC

Assistant WC Specialist

Phone: 814-204-0567

Extension 113

Jordan Lankey.webp

Jordan Lankey, CISR

Insurance Agent

Phone: 814-204-0558

Extension 108

Brent Noel.webp

Brent Noel, CISR

Customer Service Agent

Phone: 814-204-0557

Extension 107


John Burkett

Customer Service Agent

Phone: 814-204-0566

Extension 111

Sheri Dreibelbis.webp

Sheri Dreibelbis

Customer Service Agent

Phone: 814-474-6054

Extension 118

Walt Smith.webp

Walt Smith

Insurance Agent

Phone: 814-788-2447

Extension 116

Jason Ressler.webp

Jason Ressler

Operations Manager

Phone: 814-204-0550

Extension 101

Leslie Weyant.webp

Leslie Weyant, CISR

Customer Service Agent

Phone: 814-204-0559

Extension 109

Joseph Keith.webp

Joseph Keith, CIC

Insurance Agent

Phone: 814-204-0555

Extension 106

Barbara Hoover Smith.webp

Barbara Hoover Smith, AIC

Workers Compensation Specialist

Phone: 814-204-0568

Extension 114

Mary Oleskey.webp

Mary Oleskey, AAI, AU, CISR

Customer Service Agent

Phone: 814-204-0552

Extension 117

Rebecca Blubaugh.webp

Rebecca Beal

Customer Service Agent

Phone: 814-791-1457

Extension 120

Kelly Bragg.webp

Kelly Bragg, CISR

Insurance Agent

Phone: 814-204-0554

Extension 105

Stephanie Curry.webp

Stephanie Curry, CISR Elite

Customer Service Agent

Phone: 814-626-8701

Extension 121

Mindy Yarnell.webp

Mindy Yarnell, CISR Elite

Elite Customer Service Agent

Phone: 814-204-0553

Extension 104

Diana Hocker.webp

Diana Hocker


Phone: 814-204-0562

Extension 110

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